Negotiate a website redesign with your client

You will need to check stats related to most-used
web browsers, recurring resolutions, tablet trends
in order to measure your effort and your budget.

Let’s redesign our website
One of your clients decides to redesign his own website.
Damn it! My users are changing their habits. Now almost everyone uses a smartphone. We need to redesign our website, and do it quickly!
I need data to make a guess
It’s not easy to decide which device, viewport or browser support.
Before understanding where to go, we need to know where we are. Can you please give us access to your Google Analytics account?
Here is your Google Analytics access
The client usually gives you read-only access to his Google Analytics account.
I’ve just shared my data by your Gmail. What about now?
First I create a report, then we decide
Here it comes Bulb.
Create and share a dataviz in a few seconds
and explore the insights they bring.
You will hear from us soon. We’ll share a report and decide together where to go.
So we are going to do mobile interfaces. But will it have to run also on desktop?
Progressive Enhancement or graceful degradation? Foundation, Bootstrap or no framework?