Enhance your client freedom in bugs prioritization

Make your client quickly well-aware of your website access criteria,
in order to realise what and how to prioritise.
In this way, you can save time and develop your client product ownership.

Your client finds one or more bugs
Once you have developed a website, your client will find “errors”. She is likely to open them on a bug tracker or, in a worse scenario, you will receive carrier pigeons…
Damn it! My menu doesn’t work in Internet Explorer 9. Everyone for themselves!
Where do I put it in our backlog?
It often happens that there is an order to process bugs.
Ok, no problem. Where do we put it in our backlog? Can we do it tomorrow?
It’s urgent, delivery date: yesterday
Often a client has some trouble prioritizing bugs, that’s why everything is always important and urgent.
I don’t know what or how but we must do it quickly. I have a customer on the phone who is going to place an order but he can’t. Move on!
If only she knew...
Urgency excluded, the importance of a bug can be related to the percentage of market fitting that bug. Some bugs occur in 5% of the users, sometimes in 90% of them, but the client often doesn’t know this...
Ok, let’s put it on top of our backlog. Did you know that only 5% of your users uses Internet Explorer 9? Do you have this piece of information?
What a long way round...
Getting access to Google Analytics data can be really tough. Sometimes the customer care office, the one that opens bugs, has some difficulties accessing that information, so that the way they decide to prioritize is different depending on the employee.
No, only the CMO has access to Google Analytics but he is often away.
Develop your client product ownership
With Bulb you can create public reports (only accessible from the link) and move around.
In this way your client can take decisions autonomously.
What if we use Bulb to generate a report and put it in the bug tracker?
Listen, next time you open a bug take a look at the number of users suffering from this problem, so you can set down the priority and guide us where you need to.