How it works

  • Connect with your Google Account in order to get access to your data.
  • Select the website you want to create a data visualization from.
  • Choose a time frame for your report
    (e.g. last year, last month)
  • We create different graphs for you.
  • View and share your report with your client.
  • Spread the product ownership
    with your team and client.

Ok, suppose you need to create a report:
which are the available options?

Google Analytics interfaces

  • Quick access
  • Wide range of tools
  • Freemium
  • Only 2 dimensions connected at a time
  • Not always clear for some clients
  • Long-lasting process of report creation

Home-made reports

  • No limit to the imagination
  • Really good design
  • Free
  • Very long-lasting process of report creation
  • Deep knowledge in order to understand original graphs
  • Not repeatable (you need to design it every time)


  • Time-saving
  • Designed for humans
  • Public link sharing of you report with your stakeholders

Who was it made for


Frontend Dev.

She needs to create reports to be attached to a contract. Anna wants to save time in order to get to know the project or play with new cool technologies.



He needs to know which viewport sizes are "hot", in order to design the best user experience.



He is the frontman and he negotiates contracts with his company clients. Having nice reports is a good way to help a client getting some insight and find a deal together.

Are you in the same situation?


Her company opens 10 bugs per day and she wants to save time and money. Knowing the market size related to a bug would help her in prioritization and saving up.

Does it sound familiar?